Quadratic Equations on the TI-83+, TI-84+

Posted by: raysmithtx Post date: December 24th, 2010

How to use the TI-83+ or TI84+ to compute the solutions to a quadratic equation using the quadratic formula programmed in. Also how to work with the graph of the equation, and non-real solutions.

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  1. charlesinator5 Says:

    @aborne thanks

  2. aborne Says:

    charlesinator5, yes, this is possible only on the TI-89 or the TI-nspire CAS.

  3. aborne Says:

    Respond to this video…
    go to my math page which you see as a link at the end of the video and it will be there.

  4. mangoxpizza Says:

    THANKS! this video really helped me, only in the beginning you said that you would show the instructions for how you made the program at the end of the video….and the instructions for making the program wasn’t there at the end…T.T

  5. charlesinator5 Says:

    great video! Is there a way to factor these second degree polynomials on the ti 84. (Not just what x equals but the actual factors) Thanks if you can help!

  6. Iloveufonzi Says:

    how can i re install this program

  7. razengan123 Says:

    i have a TInspire, but with TI84+ keypad. it doesnt read the program, what i can do??

  8. Charlymaumushi Says:

    @aborne congrats for the kids. And thanks for the video.

  9. Superdeduper739 Says:

    i love algebra.

  10. seandelevany Says:


    Wow, I remember those days of my two year old keeping me up. I used to literally have to crawl out of his room on my hands and knees after getting him back to bed.

    Don’t take any offense to my post. I am stressed with this Algebra and when I could not hear your video, it only made it worse.

  11. aborne Says:

    @donovanfonseca Yes I made the program but I’m not the first, and I did not “create” the quadratic formula. This is a fairly common program and it’s not hard to make many of these helpful programs. You should make these yourself, it will help you learn the math too! Good luck.

  12. aborne Says:

    @djrea4815 Currently I use a mac program called iShowU HD and Texas Instruments SmartView, and yes that is an emulator.

  13. aborne Says:

    @seandelevany Dude, you would be quiet too if you were making this video while your kids were sleeping. If you wake up a 2 year old, you’re screwed.

  14. aborne Says:

    It’s okay- there is nothing wrong. The INPUT prompt on the TI-83+ does not prompt the user with the variable name; you get only the “?” to ask the user for input. Just go with it.

  15. TheZrekez Says:

    I am also havint the sma problem as coffeegirl. I have a TI-83 Plus I downloaded your program and installed it. And for some reason when I hit enter to run the program I see a diffrent screen then your sample. This is what shows up on mine .
    ENTER A, B, C:

    SO IM NOT SURE WHATS WRONG…. hope u can help resolve this!

  16. djrea4815 Says:

    how did u make this into a video?. like whatt program did u use?is that a TI-84 Emulator?

  17. seandelevany Says:

    Dude, you have a great vide3o but you have to speak up.

  18. Ziggy89legalizeit Says:

    13,337th view

  19. ika3791 Says:

    When i hit enter after putting in all the coefficents it only shows me 1 answer. How do i fix this?

  20. aborne Says:

    Don’t worry; you’ll get it. Press the PRGM key, and execute the program. Don’t be afraid to play around & explore your new calculator! :-)

  21. coffeegirl18 Says:

    Hi just curious but could you tell me the exact buttons that you pressed after inputting the Program part? My calculator is a TI-84 Plus Silver ed if it makes any difference.

    My calculator won’t graph the program…it’s new and just out of the box.

  22. donovanfonseca Says:

    How did you get quad??
    Did you make the program?

  23. aborne Says:

    I don’t know. You probably didn’t enter the program correctly. Try loading it directly with the QUAD.8xp file from my website.

  24. Dielenita Says:

    in my calculator after I enter the values for A, B, C, and hit enter I do not see the discriminant . Why?

  25. lungstruck Says:

    lungstruck Great program and video on its use. Looks for helpful for double-checking solutions quickly. 19 seconds ago

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