Pokémon Red/Blue for the TI-86 Calculator

Posted by: raysmithtx Post date: October 23rd, 2011

Pokémon "Purple" is a build of the original Red/Blue. You can choose to play either Red or Blue. It is for the TI-86 Calculator.

25 Responses to “Pokémon Red/Blue for the TI-86 Calculator”

  1. koopashell1 Says:

    This game is still in beta…

  2. leander231 Says:

    thats not a ti-86 ._.

  3. 41babybash Says:

    soo.. you play as the letter I?

  4. ojskibojskii Says:

    Im not going to relpy on what you just wrote.

  5. Valientlink Says:

    @ojskibojskii I’m not going to question what you’re talking about.

  6. ojskibojskii Says:

    Yes…I said playing…you know… this is a joke.. so I could get thumbs up…funny? huh…nvm..

  7. Valientlink Says:

    @ojskibojskii Filming was done with a Kit Kat bar.

  8. ojskibojskii Says:

    Haha, are you playing on a calculator?

    Oh, wait..

  9. 0297Gaming Says:

    awesome :D
    is this working for ti 84 plus to?

  10. MegaRayman100 Says:

    @Falcondick69 its a calculator what would u expect

  11. Valientlink Says:

    @Falcondick69 Could it possibly be any better? It’s an animated GIF file of a calculator…

  12. Falcondick69 Says:

    the quality looks horrible.

  13. Valientlink Says:

    @PIKACHU49386 Yeah, but it runs vey slow…

  14. PIKACHU49386 Says:

    Isn’t there a GB emulator for even the TI-84 Plus? I just wanna know, because I get very bored in study hall after I get my homework done… XD

  15. Megadoomable Says:

    Where do you get it???

  16. TheplaystationOWNZ Says:

    were do i get it

  17. daily4321 Says:

    Yeah! Pokemon rogue-like!

  18. MrMangapwns Says:

    i need help. can this play all the gameboy games? are they complete? will this run on a 86? really i need to know which ti thing i should buy, from 83 to nspire

  19. Redfarl21 Says:

    DANGIT! I lost my cord. =(

  20. youknowKeroroiskool Says:

    i know it’s a calculator but im sure they could at least have put a little more effort into it…

  21. Valientlink Says:

    @narutokid32123 no u

  22. narutokid32123 Says:


  23. th0rim Says:

    @RenkiexRenkie to get DOOM to run on my ti-84 i had to delete all the programs i dont use, back up your calc first though

  24. RenkiexRenkie Says:

    When trying to install this it says insuff. mem. (not enough memory)
    I got a TI 84 Plus. what now?

  25. Valientlink Says:

    @worldssmallestfan No, that’s the way it is in the original game. However, you can beat her before him.

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