PacMan Game for the TI-83+ and TI-84+

Posted by: raysmithtx Post date: March 23rd, 2011

The classic Japanese game for the calculators-- PacMan! You can either play with 3 or 4 enemies, and you may choose from Fast or Slow mode. Download it here:

25 Responses to “PacMan Game for the TI-83+ and TI-84+”

  1. R0bl0xNinja Says:

    I am making my own version of this and it doesn’t have to scroll but it is Mrs. Pacman

  2. jackyboy120 Says:

    My highest score is 4559 but the last level is impossible

  3. whatamadman12 Says:

    DoorsCS7 is a better shell that runs Ion AND MirageOS games.

  4. MrPacMatt Says:

    Feels like the Gameboy and Magnavox all over again

  5. whatamadman12 Says:

    @jordybutter1994 Silver edition has more memory, so you can put more games on it. It also allows you to change your faceplate and it has a bit more features.

  6. dandyboykb Says:

    it say access is denied, help please

  7. BlakPilar Says:

    @MultiISkate If the program is in TI-BASIC, pm me because I can show you a way to make it so that other people can’t edit it, but if it’s ASM then don’t worry, he can put it up no problems

  8. MultiISkate Says:

    haha, that’s awesome. my friend actually made farmville on his calculator. I’ve been telling him to put it online but he’s pretty reluctant

  9. razengan123 Says:

    i have a TI-nspire, but just with TI-84 plus keypad, i cant open mirageos, it restart the calculator, what i can do??

  10. jordybutter1994 Says:

    What’s the difference between ti-84 plus and ti-84 plus silver edition???
    Exept prize en colour….

  11. heromiles Says:

    You suck at Pacman, you didn’t eat a single ghost

  12. amand28 Says:

    hi awsome video. i had lookin for this for a long time. how do record the screen of your calculator with such good quality? if you use any softwares, then which one?
    i saw you replied to ppl so i thought you might reply to me as well. thank you so much
    plz reply whenever u have time…..thnx

  13. ReebokHockey7 Says:

    i want this calculator soooo bad!!!!!!

  14. popeye190 Says:

    pac-man was japanese?

  15. m4tttc Says:

    arrrghhhh sadly my teacher does =(

  16. cstrife89 Says:

    This is, put simply, one of THE staples of a TI game collection. :)

  17. RetroDudeManGuy Says:

    this game is beast i just got it

  18. demonman9 Says:

    LOL teachers dont get that this generation of people kno how to hack things bettter than 5 years ago :)

  19. lpodtouchappreviewer Says:

    So you have mirageos on your calculator:
    Connect your calc to your pc; open up a program called ticonnect, if you dont have it, google it. Then download this game and right click on the .8xp file and click Send to TI device…let it transfer…then your done :D

  20. hammeside825 Says:

    how do you get the game into the mirage os app?

  21. gabbertje1992 Says:

    though its quite fast…. :S
    oh wait nvm i got it… it was on (fast)

  22. DJOmnimaga Says:

    yeah I myself attempted a BASIC pacman before and it ended up running at like 1.5 frames per seconds on a 83+ Silver Edition, which is 2x faster than a 83+. However it was 7 years ago when I was still new at programming

  23. CGC002 Says:

    The graphics remind me of Pac-Man 2600- although this looks like the gameplay was done better!

  24. kyoukilis20 Says:


  25. dnvegeta Says:

    I made a version of pac man using text characters on the homescreen programmed in TI-Basic. I used 2 matrices for level & remaining dot data, and had routines that moved the player and 1 ghost around. Adding anything else made it unplayably slow.

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