Mario Game on the TI-83+ and TI-84+: Super Mario Level Pack

Posted by: raysmithtx Post date: March 22nd, 2011

Mario 2.0 levels: Super Mario Land worlds 1-8! Play through the classic Super Mario levels on your TI-83+ and TI-84+! Mario 2.0 Super Mario Land Level Pack: The level pack requires Mario 2.0 to run!

25 Responses to “Mario Game on the TI-83+ and TI-84+: Super Mario Level Pack”

  1. Sturm1337 Says:

    @EMAXV2 no it´s

    teacher: next week we will write a test

    “shit, game over”
    :D best game for the boring school

  2. jukio02 Says:

    @0adireita i actually have crysis on my ti83plus, its amazing !

  3. LlamaInMyHead Says:

    for anyone that’s tried it: is trustworthy?
    calculators don’t have anti-virus software…you know….so i’m paranoid for the safety of my TI-84 plus :3

  4. FactoryForFailuree Says:

    @wlmeng11 k thanks :)

  5. wlmeng11 Says:

    @FactoryForFailuree Yes, but you need to get Mirage OS first.

  6. shanemichaeldillonsr Says:

    this is freakin awesome

  7. SuperHabile Says:

    You are all nerds…

  8. 0adireita Says:

    @quigz125 lol

  9. quigz125 Says:

    @0adireita Crysis aint got NOTHIN on the TI 84. lol

  10. FactoryForFailuree Says:

    does it work on a ti-84 plus silver edition ???

  11. asianbreh Says:

    can you install things like answers on this calculator?

  12. asianbreh Says:

    can you install things like answers on this caluculator?

  13. mylilpoopy Says:

    hey i need some help. when i try to transfer the levels to my calculator it says: “the name for this variable is not valid” for each level and my options are to either rename, skip or cancel.

  14. rale190 Says:

    how do you jump?? lol

  15. Itachi476 Says:

    i cant get the maps to transfer to Ti-84 plus

  16. tsukiomilover Says:

    OH MAII GOD! HOW DO I GET THIS?!! :0 i just got a . . . (looks for book packet name) TI-84 plus Silver Edition? >.>” and i wanna find out how to put games and how to make a study card!

  17. legorobotdude Says:

    @WCGwkf fail

  18. MichaelMaleszyk Says:

    lol, texas insteumant calcs are $110 bucks XD

  19. pitoms Says:

    Imagine buying this instead of a Gameboy lol makes sense well before gameboy color :) it has free games@@

  20. TripleBWow Says:

    I just released FFT for the TI-86, check out the video at

  21. chickenpoper Says:

    Yoshi impressed…Yoshi very impressed young Mario…

  22. theburg520 Says:

    i also forgot to mention i am using that doors cs thingy is there a specific program i am supposed to use

  23. theburg520 Says:

    can someone help me? i have mario 2.0 on my ti84 but and i transfered the levels onto it also but when i log into the game it says no levels found

  24. Pokegod100 Says:

    I want it…

  25. Jacky1492 Says:

    For those people with no calculator abilities: First of all if you have a Ti 83, you dont have enough memory for all 8 worlds; probably the first 2 and thats it. You need to have something like mirageos, noshell, doorscs7, ion to play these games. And if you have a nspire, you’re in luck! Ndless 1.7 just came out and get the effing gameboy emulator on your calculator. Oh and BTW, Learn to GOOGLE shit

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