How to Get Games Onto Your TI-84 Plus Silver Edition Calculator.

Posted by: raysmithtx Post date: June 4th, 2011

You can buy a TI-84+/SE Calculator at your local Wal-Mart (That's where I got mine) for about $100 US. Applications you need are: ION - TI Connect (The CD that came with your calculator) Games can be found here - 1.) Download and install TI Connect from your CD that came with the calculator. 2.) Open the file named "ion.8xg", or "ion.83g" if you have a TI-83+ 3.) Select all the files in there, right click them and click "Send to TI Device..." 3.5) If your experiencing problems with your Windows Explorer when you do this, just right click the desired "ion" file and click "Extract All", it should automatically create a new folder named "ion". 4.) Change the "Destination" of all three files to "RAM". 5.) Click "Send to Device" and wait for it to go onto your device. 6.) On your calculator, press the "PRGM" button and make sure you have 1: ION 2: IONZ 3: ZMINFO, make sure 1: ION is highlighted and press "ENTER". 7.) Should have brought you back to the blank screen with just the words "prgmION" on it, press "ENTER". Should have a message that says "prgmION Ion Installed Done", press "CLEAR". 8.) Download your favorite game off 9.) Extract the files to your desktop. 10.) Find the file that says the name of your game in all lower-cased letters. 11.) Right click it and click "Send to TI Device..." 12.) Make sure "Destination" is set to "Archive". 13.) Click "Send to Device" and wait for it to finish. 14.) On your calculator ...

25 Responses to “How to Get Games Onto Your TI-84 Plus Silver Edition Calculator.”

  1. NatDuv121 Says:

    @FordsBetter516 You can download TI connect from the website.

  2. NinjaTurtle0504 Says:

    when i try sending it says access denied

  3. jefferymazzaball Says:

    unable to send files to calculator? what happened?

  4. Shadow88masta Says:

    if it doesnt show the type of the file, the one for the ti84 is 1792 bytes, the other folder will work if otherwise. idk if that is normal or just happened with me but wanted to throw that out there.

  5. god50cal Says:

    @FordsBetter516 loom on google for system harddrive installer

  6. olgnkcmz Says:

    Thnx man. For the ones who got “Syntax error” just erase the programs and install them TI again. because i got that error too. When you solved just follow these instructions and you will got it.

  7. yesitsanjolika Says:

    @FordsBetter516 the TI website has the TI Connect program on its website.

  8. Daya426 Says:

    the TI connect won’t find my calculator no matter how hard i try!! my calculator is connected and it’s on!! can you help ????????

  9. ONLYUSEmeDRUM Says:

    fuk u

  10. DaMetalRules Says:

    I was wondering if you could put a video on how to run the games but on MirageOs

  11. pachichous Says:

    @THEANnetWork Search on google
    TI connect MAC

  12. Will33211 Says:

    can u put a game on your ti 83 plus

  13. olli94fish Says:

    @jordybutter1994 no :)

  14. Trev7Football Says:

    please help my screen says access denied when i try to send it to the calculator! please help!!

  15. TubeYouReport Says:

    Thanks man! I’m so going to fail now :) SUPER MARIO IN CLASS

  16. THEANnetWork Says:

    i have a mac can you please help

  17. wgfellers Says:

    best walkthrough

  18. THEANnetWork Says:

    ion error syntax pleae help man

  19. MorganHeartsMonkeys3 Says:

    @FordsBetter516 no. i think you can go to the website. find your ti84 then download something.

  20. SwimGuy1998 Says:

    @FordsBetter516 You can just google “TI Connect” and you can download it.

  21. Philawockeez Says:

    the fucking clicking hurts my head shit!

  22. DevonSaucer Says:


  23. jordybutter1994 Says:

    What’s the difference between ti-84 plus and ti-84 plus silver edition???
    Exept prize en colour….

  24. malper1234 Says:

    a note for you, NEVER use the cd because 99% the cd version is outdated so just download the program off the official website

  25. asianchief Says:

    Would MirageOS work instead if ion

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