Calculator tricks on TI 83 Plus

Posted by: raysmithtx Post date: July 15th, 2011

Me being bored and making crazyness on a calculator

25 Responses to “Calculator tricks on TI 83 Plus”

  1. shadowclock13 Says:

    I do that exact same thing in math.

  2. hamood1234fool Says:

    I can easily do this

  3. azzkicker7283 Says:

    let the fingers hit the mute
    let the fingers hit the mute
    let the fingers hit the mute
    let the fingers hit the MUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTE!!!!

  4. DarthTators Says:

    i go to apps/puzzlepack and play block dude <3

  5. TheSnow77 Says:

    I know that math is boring but…

  6. PoPeFuNeRaL Says:

    lol i do the same thing when im bored

  7. MrDennisisthebest Says:


  8. nusaik Says:

    LOL this is exactly what I do during math class XD.

  9. marcuelcajon Says:

    @vences92 LMAO how are you talking shit when you’re here watching the video and commenting. You fucktard !

  10. WCGwkf Says:

    hahaha i do the same thing but its not as good as that

  11. slipfoot1 Says:

    THERE ARE TOO MANY OF THESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. hinderedangel1 Says:


  13. Azertymonde1995 Says:

    uf you press witch 1 at the bigining of the programme and a end at the end^^ it’s gonna to repead all action between us

  14. allriseblue Says:

    hahaha everyone does this in my math class when they get bored

  15. drpro01 Says:

    I think this is creative. Good job

  16. ItsThatScienceKid Says:

    @Montymio Tutorial? You just type keys and hit 2nd entry. Its pretty self explainatory

  17. Montymio Says:

    Nice trick-


    2 starred for crappy overused song, and no tutorial.

  18. mgobeer Says:

    Can sumone message me on how to do this

  19. SummonTheDemon Says:

    I can see why you put the song bodies – by drowning pool up, because these stupid comment’s telling you to get a life for something awesome, makes me want to fucking punch their fucking faces and cut out their heart’s and eat if for fucking breakfast.

  20. ecaslimjim Says:

    thats pretty cool

  21. mrguyorama2 Says:

    @vences92 What? Do you actually expect us to pay attention in math class to shit we already know? I am not wasting 45 minutes everyday listening to an idiot teacher who can’t do basic arithmetic attempting to teach dumb kids who also can’t do arithmetic polynomials… That’s 45 more minutes we can use to program

  22. hat045 Says:

    I love how much hate you get over this, how do people not get how boring school is? Back in calc 1 in high school I did one of these for a month straight, it froze my calculator up eventually, 20k of ram, it was kinda ridiculous though.

  23. bellpeter27 Says:

    @lobstershop FTW!!

  24. Botelhout Says:

    name of song ?

  25. Seretur00 Says:

    To all dudes crying out “LOOZR, GET A LIEF” and similar: In the Internet, nobody CARES if you are a dog.

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