Calculator Tricks: How To Graph a Heart

Posted by: raysmithtx Post date: January 16th, 2011

This works on any graphing calculator as well, but I was too lazy to do that recording. Soo, you can now graph a heart and show off to your friends. :D If you want to graph it on a graphing calculator, type in those equations and set the view to x min = -2, x max = -2, y min = -2, y max = 2 Equations: y1 = abs(x) + √(2-x^2) y2 = abs(x) - √(2-x^2)

3 Responses to “Calculator Tricks: How To Graph a Heart”

  1. HearMeRWAR Says:

    what a loser Neil!! xDD

  2. Snag Says:

    Nice trick. If you y1=abs(x) + √(2-x^2)-.25, the heart connects

  3. Patricia Says:

    Very nice. The video of the calculator screen is too distorted to see what is going on. Maybe you could post a picture of the steps on paper or screen shot to supplement the video demonstration.
    Thank you and keep up the great work.

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